Friday, January 4, 2008

Writing Poetry

Yesterday I enjoyed surprising the kids as we continued in our study of poetry.
We began a new book called Poetry Matters, Writing a Poem from the Inside Out by Ralph Fletcher. As we finished reading and discussing they were getting all set for me to tell them to write a poem.
I had already decided that I want to get further into the book and build some momentum before I get them to put it into practice. You should have seen the shock on their faces.
I wonder if they weren't just a tad disappointed...hmmm...maybe Chelsea. I doubt very much that the boys will ever be sad to skip writing.

My goals for this Poetry Unit:

1. Enjoyment of poetry writing.
2. The ability to read poetry aloud.
3. For creativity to be inspired...about more than dragons and video games! :-)
4. Increased observation skills.
5. To enjoy reading poetry.
6. Memorization of at least one classic.

There is more, but you can get the idea of where I am headed with this.

At this point in the book I would definitely recommend it to you. It is written in an easy to read conversational tone. I would guess that your 4-8th graders would gain the most from it. I am happy to use it for all of mine. I figure if it is written in a way that I can enjoy it... and not feel as if I am being talked down to, so will my older boys.
It definitely inspired conversation. The reading stopped several times as they piped in with good comments. I LOVE it when that happens.
You can see how it has effected me on my Jabberwocky post at Hospitality Lane today.
So...with the understanding and qualification that I have not read the entire book...I would encourage you to check it out. I am borrowing this one from our local library.

Blessings on your day!

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