Friday, January 28, 2011

I Didn't See That One Coming!

Chelsea has two ten page papers to write 
this year.  That is my requirement....not the 
State's.  She loves to write and this is not
the challenge it would have been if I had 
assigned it to either of our boys.

You have to know that at the beginning of this 
year Chelsea decided that she wanted to do 
two year's worth of work this year in order to
graduate early.  She was already a year ahead
at the end of the last school year.  So, technically
she will "graduate" three years early.

When I say "graduate" I mean that she will be 
able to participate in the County-wide ceremony
and will not have any more of the required coursework
that does not fit into her future plans to complete after 
this year.  Mostly this means formal math and history.

However, this does not mean her education is complete.
We are in the process of figuring out next year's educational
plans.  They are most likely to include a Serve Safe Course,
at least one college level class in business, contact with the 
small business association to get advice on opening a cafe, 
and real time experience at work at the bakery and cafe.

So, anyway, back to the report that caught me by surprise.
Her topic of choice?

The Ocean.
Fish of the Ocean.

Perhaps it was vacation to the ocean,

field trips to science centers

and aquariums.

I would definitely do all of these
things again if the kids were young
students.  It really exposes them 
to things that we couldn't see in 
our daily lives.

One fun thing we did from home
was to bookmark a live webcam
from the National Zoo that 
had an underwater
The kids loved to put that 
on and watch the 
fish swimming.
Simple...but effective.

Chelsea had a great time doing research today
and getting this
paper started. 
Last night's dinner?

Tilapia and Tuna melts.
My choice.

Fitting, don't you think?

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Co-op Begins Again Today....

It is so hard to believe that this is the 
first day of the last semester that our family
will participate in.  We have been with 
this co-op since 2001!

We have made so many special friendships
and I have loved teaching history and music
classes over the years.

It has been very strange for Jonathan not
to leave with us this year when we go.
There have even been days when he asked if 
he could come along or co-teach something.
But, he is a graduate and must move on 
with finding a job. I will begin teaching music 
for our Spring Concert for the 
very last time.
In ten weeks it will be history.
A very pleasant memory
and many forever friends!