Sunday, February 8, 2009

Funny..but True!

I teach a 4-6th grade music class, as you
are tired of hearing about...but this
week I cracked up when this happened.

I was getting ready to play a piece of music
for the kids. They were to analyze what of their
vocabulary terms they heard in the music.

I accidentally used the word vocabulary when
I said, "You know those vocabulary words we have
been learning." You should have heard the mostly
boys say "No! I can't do English...We haven't
been doing vocabulary!"

I then asked them to tell me what terms like
adagio, aria, opera, orchestra, allegro, presto
and more meant. They knew, of course!

But, just do not EVER call it vocabulary Mrs. K!

Too funny!

Aren't we all like that?

Those things that we think we don't like.

If we just come at it from a different perspective.
Make it fresh and new.

Now...what can I call dusting so that
I can enjoy it?
I know some times we just have to buckle down and
do those things we dislike.
But when it can be fun...why not!?!