Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Jonathan and Math

This has been an interesting year for Jonathan and his new Math program. We are using Teaching Textbooks (link) and he is doing the 7th grade level. I am not telling him how much above the last level he worked at this far, so good.

The interesting thing about Jonathan's Math disorder is that some days it seems clear for him. Others, he struggles so much. Yesterday after school we were in the car and Jonathan said..."This was a good math day. Sometimes the answers just come to me and other days I cannot remember a thing." I have noticed this, but it was interesting to hear him commment on it out of the blue on a good day. He was thrilled.

He is working on his math in the next room, as I type now. He came over a couple of minutes ago and said, "It must be another good math day. Look at this problem I just did." I am happy for his good days. They build his overall confidence. So far this year he has far surpassed his progress any year to date.

One major compensation I am allowing him this year is the ability to use a multiplication chart when he is doing division. I want him to be able to understand the division process without having to attempt to remember the multiplication facts that so elude him. He said, "I have tried every year to learn them, I really wish I could. They just won't stay in my head." I know this to be true and so am allowing this compensation in order for him to not be stopped at this level another year.

What have you done to assist your children through learning disabilities? Anything you would like to share?

P.s. Jonathan just burst into the room saying,, "Oh yes! Oh yes! I just..." and proceeded to brag on his accomplishment in long division. He walked me through the problem and how he solved it!
If you knew all of the time and tears, tutors, vision therapy and effort it has taken to get to this point you would be on your feet doing a jig with me right now!

Blessings on these special children!


Mrs. Rabe said...

Glory Hallelujah!

That is why we homeschool, girl!

Yeah, Jonathan!

KJ said...

Praise God! This is a wonderful victory report!