Thursday, January 3, 2008

Photography for One, Gym Class for Another

Mikey got skate wheels for Christmas. They are the very awesome Spitfire wheels that he has been wanting. Since we have no snow he has been able to use them some but hadn't been to the skate park yet. We thought our local one was closed for the winter but when I picked Mikey up from work yesterday he asked if we could just see if it was was.

Since it was, oh, about 20 degrees outside with a wind chill of about 5 to 10 degrees the park was amazingly empty. Wonderful...Not having the skateboard or anything we headed home and I figured that would be it.


Soon Mikey was working on his brother to walk over to the park so he could skate. Now, I may be overly protective to not let my 15 year old go to the park by himself but that is just tough! I don't even let the two of them go unsupervised most of the time. It just doesn't seem prudent to me. But, I figured that there weren't that many kids committed enough to be there in this my guys went.

Jonathan borrowed our new camera...I can't believe I let him...but I am so glad I did. He was careful and got some great shots, as you can see.
Clicking on the pictures will enlarge them.

Sliding on the rail...

At the top of the bowl. I forget what he called this...something 50? Anybody have a skater at your house?

So, Mikey got some serious Phys Ed and Jonathan is discovering the joy of photography. We are looking for something to catch Jonathan's eye for a career path. He is very artistic...maybe this will be something. Maybe not...the point is exposure to different mediums and opportunities. I think he did a fabulous job with these pictures!

Have an adventurous day in whatever you are up to!

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