Thursday, January 17, 2008

Today was a Blast!

O.k. people. Many of you who are reading this do not know me personally. Those of you who do...know that I have a silly streak. I try in certain situations to keep it under was not one of those...and IT WAS FUN!!!!

I have about 38 students in the 4-6th grade music class. They are awesome kids! The boys are rambunctious sometimes but they are all so dear!

Today was the first day back to co-op for the Spring Semester. I pulled out all of the stops and made a perfect fool of myself for their sake. They reacted so well and have asked for this to continue next week. I hope that I am up to a repeat performance. It required a costume, acting, coordination of various musical selections and a silly storyline.

If you could have just seen their laughter and enthusiasm...ahhhh...I could have been a teacher! Wait! I am a teacher. How many times do I lose the enthusiasm here at home but get excited about the new and different at co-op. Sigh...

Oh well, we have had a great week of school here, as well. I am very thankful for the opportunity both to homeschool and to be with others that are like minded through our co-op.

Becky K.

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Elizabeth Joy said...

I can relate! Your classes sound like fun. If we could just think of how to make things at home more fun more often too. I've taught watercolor at co-op and loved it. We aren't in co-op this year though. I thought we were out running to much. Thanks for coming by my blog. Do come again.