Thursday, July 24, 2008

Gearing Up For The New Year!

I think I could do year round schooling. Truly.

I never used to think so, I looked forward to the summer break as much as my kids. I noticed this year though, that I wasn't ready to stop, I wanted to keep going, but as I was unprepared for that, we didn't.

Normally we start school the first week of August, but since we will have family visiting, I think we will get started a few weeks late. This coupled with my girls work at the maze, makes me worried we will be behind. I need to STOP the worry and pressure. We finished really early this year. I have all the time I need. I don't need artificial schedules.

I have all the required paperwork turned into the school district and we are ready to roll. I want learning to be a part of everyday life - I don't like "now it is time for school". I use those words, but I don't like them. I would rather say "do some math, now we are going to learn about the Romans etc...." We don't do school - to me school is desks and timetables and peer groups, and drama....

We are raising our children to love to learn and to do it in a natural way. Yes it is directed, but beyond the basics, we let them learn what they are interested in. It is delightful how much stays with them when they are learning what they have an interest in or passion for.

Now, since we have requirements required by the state, I am going to print off log pages for the girls. One more step toward the new year.

I'm excited!