Friday, January 11, 2008

The Farm Show

Yesterday we attended the Pennsylvania Farm Show in Harrisburg.
It was neat.
I have been going to the Farm Show from the time I was in Elementary School,
not every year, but often.
It seems to get more and more crowded every year.
You would think this would not be the case
as people are so busy doing non-agricultural things but there is
something about the family atmosphere here
that keeps drawing us back.
I am so glad for that!

One of the neatest things we saw was cow cutting...
relax, no cow was injured.
One of my sons wanted to know if these were "emo" cows.
If you are not up with today's slang...check this post out. HA! You are so funny, Mikey.
Cutting is the term for
separating a cow from the herd.
It is important if a cow should be hurt or
need to be safely removed from a large herd.
Horses are trained to mirror the every action of the
cow to keep it from returning to the herd, once the cowboy/girl
has singled it out. Once the cow is free of the herd, the cowboy drops the reins
and it is up to the horse to keep the cow in place.
This woman did all of the explanations and
commentary from the back of this horse.

It was amazing!
If you ever get a chance to watch!

You can find out more about the PA Farm Show at their web site here.

There are cows, chickens, horses, sheep, alpaca...just to name a few of the animals.

This is a huge time for PA 4-H. They bring their projects to be judged.

There are cooking demonstrations, huge tractors, booths about just about anything you can imagine. Warren and the boys visited a booth about hydrogen power...

You name it, it is probably here...if it is wholesome. I have never had to be ashamed of anything I have ever seen at the Farm Show!

While this year's event will soon be can plan for next year if you happen to be in the area.

Just as a side note...Chelsea and I can tell you that the behind the scenes spaces are just as neat and clean as what the public sees. We accidentally took a tour of the halls intended just for the staff and animals coming and going to the arenas. A very nice security man helped us to find our way out! Really, he was nice! Many thanks to him....we were just looking for the little girls' room! We saw verryyy beautiful white horses attached to carriages...up too close! We saw the security office and many, many security people who, at first did not seem to think it strange that a woman and young girl were apparently lost. I did actually have to ask for directions to get out. As the nice man was showing us out we were stopped by a more efficient security person who was in charge of the hallway that the riders are coming in and out of the various arenas on. Several horses and riders passed us. Boy, were we glad to get out of there. It was not intended for people on foot!

Just a few more pictures of this year's adventure at the Farm Show...

Blessings on your day!


Miss Paula said...

I like the last two pictures!!! Did the Rabes go??

Debbie said...

Looks like fun. I will have to look into something like that around me.