Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Eyeball

Yesterday, I grossed out Chelsea and got the boys
attention by studying the human eyeball.

Thankfully this was not hands on.

We did do some fun exercises that found
our "blind spot" and other interesting
things about our eyes.

The complexity of this thing we call vision
simply boggles the mind. To see all of the
parts that make it up, the connection to the
brain...the neuro pathways that have to work
in order for us to see.

Simply Amazing!

I was such a fun thing to learn about.

Next...we study...
The Ear!

For some reason when I was in Middle School
I was fascinated by drawing the inner ear.
I got over it...but I was really good at it!

Who knew???

Hope you are having fun in your studies.

Becky K.