Monday, January 7, 2008

Around the lake they went!

For what seemed like the twentieth Sunday in a row they were calling for rain. I know it hasn't been quite that bad but still...there have been many rainy Sundays. Several people from church were hoping to take a trek around the lake at Muddy Run, owned privately by the Power Company but a neat park to explore. As we came out of church the sun was shining and it was remarkably warm. It was so neat! So this is the crew that went on the hike. I did not go...I stayed home to prepare brownie sundaes for the hungry hikers upon their return. I did sneak in a walk on our country road with our dogs...

Playing on the side of a bridge. Mikey, the adventurer....

Please try to ignore Mikey and look at the great view of the water and trees. I love this shot...but even more I love that I wasn't there. It was sooo muddy and there are so many roots and rocks that try to trip you up on this trail.

Time to head home...the park closes at dusk.

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