Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I Need Your Help...

Hello Again,

I am working on a Reading List for Chelsea.
This next year her History and Literature are
going to work together.  She will be reading 
books that feature Missionaries from all over
the  timetable and all over the world.  She will
then construct a journal of what impacted her
from each book including the time period, culture
and key lessons learned.  
She will study the geography of the country
that each book is set in.

I was wondering if you would be willing to 
share titles of books from this genre that you 
have enjoyed? 

Becky K.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Thr Fruits of Home Education

The days go by.
We work on spelling, science,
history and more.
At times we wonder if anything we
do means more to our students than
another day to check off their logs.

However, there comes a day when it
all comes together.

This has been a year of many such days
in our lives.

As the children get older and face new
experiences we are able to watch them
put their years of learning to use.

Sometimes it is how they relate to things
at a job or volunteer opportunity.

Sometimes it is just an outpouring of words
in the form of a poem.
Not an assignment.
Just an expression of intense emotion.

There's something about this storm,
that I can not ignore.
This is not the norm,
this is something more.

There's electric in the sky,
there's water on the ground.
There's thunder in the air,
it's beauty all around.

It's like a song
that's playing in my head.
It's like a strong command
that God has clearly said.

Electric beauty
What an incredible sight.
It is still the daytime,
but yet it's dark like night.

It is a symphony
beautifully composed.
it is truly wonder
fantastically exposed.

So, on those days when you feel 
like nothing is sticking.  
Don't quit!

When you are so very  discouraged at the 
progress of your little writers...
hold on!

If one day you feel inadequate...
You aren't!

YOU are making a difference.

YOU are teaching the future.

Be encouraged. 
The future looks good, 
if we judge it by the fruits of your labor!

Becky K. (and Chelsea too)!


Monday, May 10, 2010

Working on Portfolios

In Pennsylvania the final thing most of us do each year is
to prepare a portfolio with and for each child.

These portfolios are then shown to our evaluator who
reviews the curriculum covered and confirms that the
required days were completed and subjects covered.

In the early years our portfolios were huge!
At that time the kids were learning to write and
process math problems. They loved to produce art
projects and frankly their writing was huge.

Lots of paper...lots of trees consumed.

As the years have gone by our portfolios have
gotten smaller. One could get discouraged and
begin to believe that this means we are doing
less. To the contrary, we are covering so much
more material. Most of it verbally. Lots of it
in practical real life projects.
What is written is most often typed
and therefore is very efficiently
contained to a page
or a couple of pages.

That is...except for a story Chelsea is co-writing with
a friend. It is up to 27 pages so far. They take turns
writing chapters. Each girl is a character and that chapter
is written from their perspective. Cool stuff!

Anyway...I am deep in the midst of gathering our year's
accomplishments. To get it all together in one place,
organize it so that our evaluator can understand and
quantify it. Part of me loves this....Most of me hates it!

You know, if I had nothing else to do it is fun to review and
see all that has been done. But graduation is in just 11...

I must find a diploma to print out for the boys.
Sadly, I have not even sent out their invitations.
I've been sick for three weeks and just don't have
that get up and go that I should have.
and friends...they are coming. Really.
But keep May 21st open...would you?
Two really special boys will be walking down the
aisle in funky caps and gowns.
You can all point and giggle.

I'll be the one blubbering
when they hand me a rose.
OH my.

Maybe I'll skip it.


We have worked way too hard.
It is going to be great!

That is what is happening around
Hospitality Lane....
What are you up to?

Becky K.