Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Speech Class

Our Chelsea is very shy.
Painfully so sometimes...

But she is strong!
She is a very determined
young lady who will achieve
whatever she sets her mind to.

This year her desire at our
co-op was to take flower
arranging. Not a bad course,
at all, and I could have let her
do that...

However, there was a speech class
that I thought would be just
perfect for Chelsea.
It was for resistant
Whether they are shy,
or just disliking
of the process of
writing and giving of

I signed both she,
and her brother, Jonathan up.

I know that Chelsea struggled
with this... a lot.

At the most surprising times
over the months and weeks before
the class began she would make
comments about the upcoming class
and, at first, how she really did not
want to take it.

Once she figured out that I wasn't
changing my mind...she is not the only
strong willed person here...
The comments began to change to,
"I have decided to just do my
best in the speech class, Mommy".
She would say things like this out
of the blue.
She was just pondering it and making
up her mind to work through her

This was what she posted at her blog

"At co-op this year I'm taking a class on public speaking (something I'd always dreaded) but my teacher is awesome and she makes it fun (just like my mom said she would, I have to confess). Anyway, it's not that bad, my brother, Jonathan is in this class too, and so is one of my friends. Besides it's not like I'm the only one giving speeches, the whole class has to do it.

On Thursday I'll give a demonstration speech,
I'm going to show how to make chocolates, because that's something I like and know how to do. But I still have to practice here at home so that I don't forget anything while I'm there. You know, so that I'll have a fresh idea for it.
I need some for everybody to try and I'm not going to have time to make them and let them harden there."

This girl is making her Momma very proud. I am thrilled to call her mine!

I just know you have children who pleasantly surprise you with the maturity that pops out when you least expect it.

I hope you'll tell them how proud you are of them today.

Becky K.

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