Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Obeying God, Even If It Makes You Odd!

Dear Friends, I am so sorry that I have been basically absent from this blog! Call it busyness, sickness, dealing a with difficult it life!

I had a wonderful phone call today from a member of our co-op. Her family is being lead by God to be careful with their children's influences whether it be movies, friends, youth group...They, by the choices they are making, are feeling abit lonely, even in their church. It was neat to be able to encourage her that they are not alone.

I find it so sad that so many Christians today are swept up in the things that the world tells us are important. For their daughters that often means boys, makeup, trendy clothing, an attitude. For their sons it means, attitude, girls, trendy clothes, walking the edge of appropriate speaking...It is sad that families who are being lead to lead their children, who want to be the main influencers of the kids, are made to feel well, odd, old fashioned, out of touch with reality.

My family has been through this. We have felt alone at times, but now I simply do not care. my husband and I are called to lead our children in the way they should go....Now this is not to say that your child as they grow up will not choose to walk in the way of the world. Doug Phillips says that if your child walks with the Lord, it is the GRACE of GOD! I agree. I have a child who is no longer a child. This one has chosen to walk in the world. That does not change the responsibility my husband and I had with him to teach him truth, nor does it change the responsibility to our other children. We will continue to obey God, in the paths He has lead us down.

There is peace in being where He wants you to be. Don't be afraid, you are not alone.

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flmom said...

I have noticed that we are often tried to be made to feel out of touch with reality, not only because of homeschooling but for other paths that God has placed heavily upon our hearts (environmental issues, organics, natural living, getting back to the basics and living simply, etc.). Our world is in a sad state.