Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Last Thursday's Music Class

Sometimes you just have to

We needed to review the music
genres we have been studying
at my co-op class.

We did this by playing games.

We played Hangman...

Musical Chairs...

Name that genre...

and a quiz type game.

The kids had fun.

It is hard to pick out a specific
genre if it is close to another.

Sometimes both could be correct.

Such as Spiritual and Gospel.

Sometimes the two are almost

Anyway, I think that a few of these
students are grasping that music class
does not have to be boring and all about
lines and notes.

Not that these are bad, but if a
child is not interested in the
first place these hold an even
smaller place of interest for them.

It is so enjoyable that the time just
flies by!

Teaching rocks!

Becky K.

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