Friday, February 8, 2008

Adding on to Mrs. Rabe's Post

I guess you get the idea that there are two writers here.
You'll just have to check out the end of the post to see which of us it is that is doing the post.

Our family has been judged by neighbors and family,
at times,
for choices we have made to
keep the children close by.
To really be their primary influencers.
We strive to keep their social life rich
and enjoyable by hosting many functions in our
home and allowing them to have friends over often.

This does not mean that our children
live in a vacuum!
They are exposed to many different
thoughts and ideas, they visit other places.
Mikey has a job that he is at most days
in the "real world".
It simply means that we are intentionally
exposing our children to the world
in a controlled manner.

This may rub some the wrong way.

I am not sorry for our choices.

The fruits are being born out.
We have children who socialize well
with people of all ages,
who have a multitude of friends,
who love us and express it,
who love the Lord and
for the most part strive to serve Him.

We are not perfect...
by any stretch of the imagination.
We have issues.
The kids still manage to meet bad influencers...
but imagine if we were not as closely
involved in their lives as we are?
It is a very scary thought to this momma.

Recently, we had to assist one
of our boys in pulling the plug on a
bad relationship.
Someone he met at a Christian Camp.
Nothing is perfect.
We cannot protect them from everything.

We can, however,
do everything possible to
maintain a loving and safe environment
for them to come home to.
A place of unconditional love and support.

Are we odd?
In the sense of the general population,
yes, we are odd.

Is it worth it?
Yes! For us, it is!

We are also not blind to the fact
that we can do all that we know to do and
one or more of our children may not follow
the Lord, for a time or forever.
That is in the Lord's hands.
All we can do is be obedient
to His leading in our lives.

If you are struggling with any
of these issues, I would love to hear
from you and to encourage you that part
of loving your children means protecting
their minds and hearts in those growing years.

It is a battle in today's society.

The commercials on tv are enough to make
me want to throw it out the window on most days.
It makes me tired.
But, that is the battle that we
have been called to as Christian Parents.

Rise Up!

Lets raise up a Christian Generation, for the Lord,
with His help!
Your Friend,
Becky K.

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