Saturday, February 16, 2008

Giving a deserving teacher Credit!

There is a teacher at our co-op
who for years has quietly come in
and served without much notice.

He is one of the few Dads who are
there each week. In fact, for the
first three years he taught he never
even got a name tag. He is just that
quiet that we can easily overlook

Jake teaches about the Civil War.
He served in the, not during the
Civil War...he is not a ghost! lol
But he has taught about the Naval Battles,
Ground Skirmishes and even a book study on
Uncle Tom's Cabin.

This man puts so much time and effort into
his classes. This is after working the overnight
shift at the local post office.

So, here I am right now, saying...
Thank You, Jake!
You are appreciated.
My boys have learned so much from you.

Last night Jonathan drew a map of
"your world" for me on the television
in Dry erase marker.

Too funny!

Thanks for having the kids get together
today for the viewing of Gettysburg.
They are looking forward to the pizza, fellowship...
oh, and the movie too! Ha!

So, you see, we have the greatest teachers in our
co-op and I am so glad that we get to enjoy the
fruits of their labor!

Having parents share their knowledge and talents
has worked very well for us.

We are thankful for the pooling together of
the resources available.

Becky K.

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Mrs. Rabe said...

I love the way he runs his classes! Giving them ranks etc...Lindsay took his classes for two years, and wanted to do it this year, but she already had this class, so Emily decided to take it!

Thanks Jake, indeed!