Sunday, March 16, 2008

How Has Your Homeschool Year Gone?

We are nearing the end of our school year. I like to review what we have done during the year and to see where we can make improvements for next year. I like this picture above because it makes me think of my older girls and their love for reading. For one of them this is the year that reading became something she did for pleasure, for the other the love of reading continued strong. For our younger girls, one of them has delighted in her reading as well, and the other is just starting to sound letters out! What fun this is for me. I love reading!

In September, we went to Colonial Williamsburg. This was such a treat. Since it was a Homeschooling week the tickets were so inexpensive and made it affordable for our family. While there we met up with friends from our homeschool co-op!

Our cat Chloe had her second little of kittens.

Our dog Samantha had her first litter of puppies. 11 of them!

In December, we had a Jane Austen Christmas Ball! These are the students in my "Pride and Prejudice" class.

We also have done the usual subjects like math, science and history. These we have done well with. Below is a picture of Lindsay's biology lab class.

Areas we need to do a bit more work on are writing and health. I have daughter's who like to write a lot, and have one who would rather dissect a frog, than write. She can do it, and does well, but she just isn't a writer. So she has to work at it, force herself to do it. :)

Overall, I would say that we have had an excellent year of learning. How about you?

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