Sunday, March 9, 2008

Let him Write about This...

Neither of my boys just love to write...

Chelsea and I are the opposite.

I have a theory though...

I think that both boys really like the process
of being creative in writing if they are not
told what to write or if they feel that I am not
going to pick apart the spelling and grammar.

I believe this because they will choose a writing
assignment over math any day of the week and it is
usually very good, if you can overlook the spelling

Therefore, I am upping the ante a bit this week.

I will be assigning a research paper with a specific
topic and several questions to be answered.

Mikey will be doing his on Why the X-Box 360 has had
so many issues with overheating. How this has effected
anyone he knows who owns this game system? How this may or
may not effect him. What is one to do if they own a defective
system. What is the manufacturer's warranty and how has that
changed over the past year? What is the Red Ring of Failure?

Who knew there were so many pressing questions about the
X-box 360????

I know that this is a topic that will interest Mikey.
I also know that he will not be thrilled that I want
specific information and to have it put into a specific format.
He gets something...I get something.

Mikey has been a bit more interested in learning spelling
since taking on wii e-mail with a fellow homeschooler.

Ahhh...this is when it is important to know how to spell.


But, before I give him this assignment I must treat him with
much tender care as he is very sick with the flu right now.
Hopefully by Wednesday...

See Ya!

Becky K.

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