Monday, March 10, 2008

Change of Pace

Today we are doing something different.

We are still learning, of course, but as I have a cold, and don't feel like trying to read history aloud, I decided to bring on the fun!

First of all, we did spelling. Then 2 of my girls worked on their Botany, while my oldest girl work on a Story Starters story. She hates to write, but the story is about a horse or two so that should make it less painful for her!

Now, there is art going on. I have a neat book Usbornes's "The Children's Book of Art", by Rosie Dickins. Not only does this book talk about famous artists, and show their different styles, it gives this Mom a jumping off point for trying out the different styles. Today they are making paper collages, ala Henri Matisse. When he got to be 80 years old, he could not longer paint due to health issues. So he turned to what he called "Scissor Painting", or collage.

The girls also did some Home Economics by making a yummy salad for lunch. Later there will be some writing my the younger girls, and of course reading. I think we may do some music appreciation today, as well.

I love these opportunities to mix it up a bit and do the "fun" things!

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