Sunday, December 16, 2007

Integrated Learning

Doesn't that sound professional and grand?

What it means to me is to take a subject, for us usually history, and to incorporate as many other subjects as possible.

When we studied Lewis and Clark a few years ago, we read historical fiction as well as biographies, and we also did geography. We used a book called "Westward Ho" which had projects for kids to make such as a leather "handy" bag, and portable soup, which was dried vegetables and bouillion to make a meal when the Corp of Discovery couldn't hunt or find meat. I had a daughter make this soup for lunch at least once a week for months!

We took the dimensions given in a journal of a grizzly bears footsize and made life size paw prints. We were amazed at how huge the things were!!!

We ended our studies up at the Whitaker Science Center in Harrisburg watching an IMAX movie of Lewis and Clark's journey. It was an awesome year of learning.

All I had remembered about Lewis and Clark from my schooling was that they were explorers and it was the two of them with Sacajawea and her papoose in a canoe. My children know that Lewis and Clark lead an expedition of over 40 men, including York who was Clark's slave. They know that on that journey the men expended so much energy at times that they ate 9 pounds of meat a day each! That though unheard of in those days, on the journey both York and Sacajawea were given an equal vote with all the men. The list goes on and on

To say that I am passionate about that kind of learning is an accurate statement. I find that my children have a deeper knowledge of history and feel as if they have experienced it for themselves.

Give it a try sometime - especially those of you with boys, or children who need hands on learning. They will love it!

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The Feathered Nest said...

Oh yes, this is what I used to do when we homeschooled!