Saturday, December 29, 2007

Consistency is...

One of the hardest parts
of homeschooling.
What are your secrets to
being consistent?
Maintaining a schedule...etc.

How do you deal with
a ringing phone
during the
school day?

Family emergencies happen...
What are your solutions to
these interruptions?

How do you tactfully let
someone know that homeschooling
is your "job" when they assume
that you must be available
during the day since you don't

Becky K.


trish said...

Great questions and ones that all homeschoolers have to deal with at one time or another.

Maintaining a schedule - one of the best things I did was go to a four day a week school schedule and leave one day each week for events, field trips, errands, etc. That and always having a written routine (versus a schedule) posted for everyone to see helps.

Phone - I DO NOT answer it. We have a message on the machine that says we are doing school and to leave a message and we'll call back when we are done.

Family emergencies - One of the beauties of homeschooling is being available for this type of thing. Once I set my mind to nothing (including "lessons") was more important than God's people I stopped stressing over things that He wanted to "interrupt" my day with. It has taught our daughters to be flexible with your day and allow the Lord to do as He sees best with it.

On the "don't work" issue -Eventually people catch on...we have even gone so far as to invite them over to observe a full day of homeschooling and then tell them they need to there NLT 7 am and we should be done by dinner time. And other than those seriously considering homeschooling no one has ever taken us up on that! *L*


Becky K. said...

Hi Trish,

Thanks for responding. We sort of do a four day week but it is the day that we have Co-op in the afternoon. I use the morning to prepare for that and have used it for Ladies Bible study time.

Then when co-op takes a break we go back to a regular school day...hmmm, maybe I'll take that time and keep it for other things...just a thought to ponder.

You are so right about having a schedule. When everyone knows what to expect things go so much more smoothly.

Thanks, again, for responding and reading here. Mrs. Rabe and I are hoping for more interaction on this blog as it develops.

Becky K