Thursday, December 13, 2007

Bowling is Exercise

Our group has discovered bowling as a great winter gym class...actually we enjoyed it in the summer too. I have always loved to bowl but never took the time unless we were on vacation or it was a Church activity. This year our Jr and Senior High kids in the co-op had a bowling activity. Since I am the "7-up" Coordinator I organized it and was able to participate. This got us going on a weekly basis with kids of all ages. It surprised me to hear my 16 year old son saying he was sore a day or so afterward each week, but you know I was sore too. We were working muscles in our legs and arms. It is a great opportunity for fellowship among the students and parents and all of it supervised. The friendly competition is fun. Most bowling alleys are not that busy during the day and will give you exceptional rates...if you ask nicely and show up when you say you know basic common courtesy.

If this is not something you have considered as a part of your school week. Try it!
You may like it!


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