Friday, July 16, 2010

Schooling Outside the Box

Chelsea and I have a plan for this new
school year.  It involves a field trip per
week.  Not just random field trips, mind you.
We are going to visit cafe's and eateries 
all over our area.  

You see, it is Chelsea's dream to open a 
Cafe' one day.  I can think of no better way
to do research and plan than to go to see 
what others have done.  Perhaps we will work
up the nerve to speak with the owners.
We will have a list of questions prepared 
in case it is convenient.

In any case, Chelsea will have a notebook
and pen, with an assignment of writing down
the top three and bottom three observations 
at each establishment.

I know that she is serious as her first notebook
is getting to be full of lists of coffee drinks and 
baked goods she wants to offer.  Next on her 
agenda is to work to develop her own recipes for
each of these items.  She wants to be as original 
as is possible.  

I think this is lining up to be a very fun
and tasty school year at Hospitality Lane!


Beth said...

THAT sounds like so much fun! We did so much daycare of grand children last year that it was very difficult to do field trips. .(Along with me working 30 hours on Fridays and Saturdays)
This year we are going to set aside Thursdays as our official "Field Trip" and home school Co-op day. IF we have extra kids, they just have to come with us! I have a whole list of things to do this year and I hope it broadens our home school experience significantly! Becca wants to be a chef, too.

Beth said...

Hi! I am really excited about our new homeschooling adventure with Becca! It is going to be on Mondays so I can still keep the grandkids AND have an extra day during the week to go on field trips with her! (I ususally keep the grandkids on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. I work all day on Fridays and Saturdays...until God answers THAT prayer, too, and allows me to just stay home!)
I look forward to reading about your daughter's cooking experiences and about your visits to different diners, etc. We have a diner in a town about 30 miles away that is called the Mayberry Cafe and it features everything that has to do with the Andy Griffith show! It is sooo cute! It even has an old police car sitting out front. It runs videos of the show as well and has pictures and things all over the place.
In the same town, there is a pizza place called Dave's All American Pizza and they have different dining rooms dedicated to the different branches of the military. I THINK it has college teams as can't live in Indiana and not like EITHER Indiana University or Purdue. It is an unwritten law that you can't like BOTH! (Maybe it IS a law...)
But they are both very popular and fun places to go!

Nicole said...

Very cool! Keep us updated on how it is all going :O)