Monday, August 9, 2010

Teaching Classical Music Appreciation

I happen to love teaching music to children.
Taking them from wherever they are on the 
spectrum of music appreciation and showing 
them more.

For several years now I have been involved 
with the music classes at our Co-op.
First I was the assistant in the more formal
choirs taught by a certified music teacher
and then as the teacher after she 
moved out of state.

As a person who just loves music but is not
a certified teacher I don't even pretend to 
be an expert at all aspects of music.  I do, 
however, have a lifetime of singing, playing
piano and listening to music to fall back on.
I have sung in several choirs, was in a vocal group
that traveled and found a love for classical music
in an early morning class at Penn State.  
One would think that getting up early, rushing
to class and then sitting in a darkened auditorium
listening to the classics might put one right back 
to sleep.  But, instead, it invigorated me.  I learned
to love the harmonies and creativity of so many 
instruments working together.

So....when I teach young people about classical 
music I let them listen to it.  Not for lengths of time
at first.  We listen to pieces and identify the instruments
we hear.  I tell them stories of the people who have
written the music.  Such interesting stories!
We laugh together at Beethoven's Wig and other 
silly lyrics put to classical music.

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 I highly recommend this series of CD's if you are 
teaching music at home.  Truth be told, even my 
teenagers get a kick out of them.  I would put them 
in while we were driving here or there and tell them
that I was prepping for my music class and my guys
came to love them too.

Teaching music to children is a joy.
I am so grateful for the opportunity to
have done this for so many years.
This will most likely be my last year with
our co-op.
I will miss my young students and
hope to make the most of this last year.

What do you do to teach your children 
to love music?

Becky K.


Mrs.Rabe said...

We used to listen to the Vox Music Masters tapes about the composers. They tell their stories and you can listen to music that they composed!

I need to get them out for the younger set to listen too!

Maurie@GraciousInteriors.blogspot said...

I haven't been by in while. I hope your new year is going well...and that your kids are each doing well, too. Now that it is fall, I hope to be on a better schedule for blogging!

The Journey said...

they keep coming out with new things, I keep saying I wish they had that when I was homeschooling. I loved the book,
Letters to Horseface - Bach to his sister-\ I think it was Bach.
I think it was this one that was one of my favorites too.
Great composers
Ventura, Piero.
Call Number
J 927.8 VENT

The Professor's Wife said...

That looks really interesting! I love teaching classical music, art, literature, etc. to kids - I would play Mozart and hang pictures by Monet in my preschool classroom when I used to teach full time.