Friday, July 2, 2010

Working Together

This past week has been wonderful.
I have seen such growth in Jonathan and Chelsea.

You see, we had several large projects that 
needed to be completed.  Warren and Mikey 
are at work all day so that left Chelsea, Jonathan
and me to get them done.

It has been a blessing to work together.
To strategize.
To implement.
And occasionally to rethink.

We have made lists.
We have delegated.
And then we have flown by 
the seats of our pants when
things didn't work out as we had 
pictured them.

It has been good to leave a lot of 
the planning in the kids' hands to 
let them work through the process.
They have come through very well.
We are pleased.

This did not used to come 
easily to me.
I am the type that would
rather do it myself.
the kids are earning my
trust each and every day.

Are you raising young people who 
are able to troubleshoot, process and plan?
We don't do them favors by hand holding them
past a certain point.
My philosophy is to give them enough 
freedom to prove themselves but to 
be available to help 
whenever and however they ask for it.

This is all a part of the learning 
process.  They are not going to 
get it perfectly right every time
but we should see 

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