Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Nope, Don't Feel Like it Today....

But going to do it anyway!
How about you?

Feel like doing school?

This getting back after a
break is often tough...
but then I remember

To give our children the best
start in life possible...

To train them in the ways of the

Because no one loves these
young people like their
Dad and I do!

Back to School!

Becky K.

1 comment:

Beth said...

That is very artistic! What is she doing?
We spent much of the day cleaning house and fixing supper for my daughter in law and son...who are expecting child number 2 on Thursday! So tonight is catching up night for all those tests and quizzes that need to be done! We were supposed to go to a ladies' Bible study tonight but we just have to get these things accomplished! (Don't feel like it either, I want to take a nap...)

Blessings to you!