Monday, December 28, 2009

Encouragement For Mothers

Sally Clarkson is an author, speaker and owner of WholeHeart Ministries with her husband Clay, and home educating mother of four.

I have read her several of her books, including "Educating the WholeHearted Child," "Seasons of a Mother's Heart." I have always been encouraged to continue on this path of educating my children the way God called my husband and I to.

She blogs at 'I Take Joy'.

Her post from today was one of seeing the 'fruit' of her years of home educating now that her children are all adults, or nearly adults. It is an encouragement to keep our vision and keep doing the invaluable work of mothering and educating.

Here is a bit...

"Often, I find that in the absence of a clear enough vision for their children and homes, mothers replace conviction and vision with lots of activities and distractions for their children. This hyper-activity and rushing around to an endless list of expensive lessons and experiences and toys, and the buying of the newest expensive curriculum and technological options make moms feel like they are accomplishing something.

However, when the home-life of children is rich with excellent, classic literature and great stories, passionate Biblical devotions, rousing dinner-table discussions around sumptuous, tasty meals, lots of love and affection given and household chores attended to— a child will become committed to all that is good and excellent and develop a moral and compassionate soul for all the divinely important values."

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Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

I really agree with this. We're experiencing this too. We've done so much less "extra" stuff, compared to many other homeschoolers, because when I had the twins, we realized that schooling and caring for babies was about all I could do. Reading as been an important part of our school. Thanks for sharing this post.