Thursday, January 21, 2010

Using Technology in Your Homeschool

I love to talk to my children.

I do not love to give them their
school assignments verbally even
though this has been our primary
way of communication
all of these years.

When we were at Longwood Gardens
this week we talked a while with
one of Mikey's Supervisors from
the time he spent there this past
Summer. Harold was intimidating
to Mikey at first but it wasn't
long before a real respect grew
and this was the one person that Mikey
wished to seek out on this visit.

We went to the gate near
Harold's office and stood there
awkwardly trying to get his attention.

Finally we succeeded and we had
opportunity to chat.

Harold was very open with us about
things that will be important in
Mikey's application and interview
for the Professional Gardener's Program.

All of the things he shared made
perfect sense...nothing earth shattering.
Keep your grades up,
have a Plan A and a Plan B.

Study, research horticulture,
work in a related job.

He let us know that the coursework
is rigorous and that Mikey needs
to be ready for that.

This, of course, got me thinking.

Today it hit 5:30 am!
That is when most things get my

I can use Mikey's love of email
to get links and class assignments
to him.

So, I got up.

Found some awesome resources.

And have several lessons in the
pipeline already.

I cannot wait to see how this works
out. Our kids are so tech savvy and
I don't see why we can't use this to
our benefit as homeschool parents.

Would you be interested in these classes
if I did them in separate posts on the

Becky K.


detweilermom said...

Becky, I use the internet quite a bit. I send vocab words to Hannah everyday. I also make special folders for every week and any sites or activites I want her to do. Plus three of her classes are Switched on School house. The computer makes my job alot of easier.

janjanmom said...

AWESOME!! Don't you just love how flexible we get to be??

Beth said...

Good morning! I was wondering if you knew of anyone who would be interested in 6th grade Bob Jones books? I know that I could probably sell them but I would also love love love to be able to bless some other homeschooling family with these books. (I wouldn't mind help with the shipping,though! I'm kind of short on funds for the time being...or possibly forever!! haha!) So, if you know of anyone who will have a sixth grader in a year or two, and they might be interested in them, please let me know. I will probably keep them around for a few weeks yet. We are trying to simplify and there is no reason for me to keep these books! Thanks!