Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I Pay More to Educate My Neighbor's Children Than My Own!

I've been doing just a few minutes worth of
research. I read the headline and some highlights
of an article talking about the additional millions
of dollars being directed into a neighboring school
district. This got me to thinking....

How much per student does the average PA district

I found out that it is between
EIGHT and TEN THOUSAND...PER STUDENT...PER YEAR!!!!!! I wouldn't know what to do with
that much money in our homeschool. If I calculate the
books, electricity, prorated mortgage for "school time",
prorated maintenance, field trips, co-op fees, craft items,
music lessons and everthing else I still don't think I
spend more than $500 per year per child.

Even if I spend that much I run out of time to get everything
done that I think we will. There are just too many great
ideas each year.

So many good books, so little time.
Free Art shows, museums, senior citizens to teach living
history. A kitchen full of math and homemaking lessons.
A community full of people who are delighted to allow our
children to serve and learn in real time.

Teaching our children does not have to
cost a fortune. occurs to me that by the time I pay my school
taxes, I have spent more to educate the neighbor children
than my own.

How does that strike You??



detweilermom said...

I have often thought of this during our years of homeschooling. It was really brought home when my brother told me how much child support he had to pay before he got custody of his son. I didn't spend that much on all three of my children in three months. Also are they really getting the education that matches that amount of money.

Beth said...

I wish I was as good at homeschooling as you! It seems like I'm spending an awful lot...but as I have said before, we are doing the whole video thing. I wish I could figure out a way to have them get a diploma another way! That diploma seems very important to at least one of them!
Thanks so much for all your ideas and your guidance!

Mrs.Rabe said...


You are singing to the choir here!