Friday, October 23, 2009

High School Curriculum Recommendation

John MacArthur takes all of the knowledge and history of Truth that we, as Believers, claim to understand and states it with such clarity and organization that you will find yourself saying "Amen!" and "Oh, so that's where that came from!". These are the things I have not been sure how to communicate to my children and it is clear as clear can be in this book. All in one lovely package!

Granted one son has complained about the large vocabulary employed, but, as we progress into the book his mind is adjusting and he is understanding and interested.
Just because something meets with resistance is not good reason to set it aside. Especially when the content is so filled with important nuggets.

If you are not clear on Modern and Postmodern thinking you will be after reading this.

If you wonder why it is possible for our world to be so deeply committed to the philosophy of no absolutes, Pastor MacArthur will trace the steps philosophers have taken to arrive at this grandios idea.

I highly recommend this for all teens and adults,high school, college and beyond.

Becky K.

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Marcia said...

John McArthur used to come and speak often at the church I attended during my college years. He was always both clear and deep. He made you think. My oldest son is now in college majoring in Christian Studies and planning to go into ministry. I'm sure he'd love this book. I think it'd would be a great one too for my oldest daughter to add to her curriculum. Thanks for sharing.