Monday, August 31, 2009

Schooling over the Years....

....As we begin a new one.

Today, we at Hospitality Lane,
officially began our 2009-2010
School year. While much work
has been done independently
already, this was the first day
we sat together and studied in
this school year.

Mrs. Rabe and her gang have been
back to school for a couple of
weeks, I think.

I celebrated our first day by making a
mosaic of the kids on field trips
over the past several years.

It was a fun day.

It is bound to be a challenging
year as we stretch and learn new
things. Chelsea is particularly
concerned...I think she will be
just fine. I have purposely set
the bar high. She is feeling the
challenge. A necessary part of
the process, I think!

Hope your school days are going
well. We are here to encourage you
and share with you...Your feedback
and questions are very welcome.

Becky K.


detweilermom said...

We started full time school yesterday also. I am also stretching Hannah this year. Looks like you have had some pretty interesting field trips.

Mrs.Rabe said...

Yes, we did start a few weeks ago! I love it and every year is a little bit different, because of changes. You will see next year when you just have Chelsea. This year with just Emily, Rachel and Sarah feels different, I think mostly because of Emily doing basically all independent work. I feel like I am only schooling two. It's good, just different!

Beth said...

We started our school a few weeks ago as well. We are doing online streaming from Abeka. It is good, I think, but I'm not used to how much time it takes! We don't have the freedom that we used to have. But I know that everything will be covered and with upper grades, I was afraid I would really mess up and not give them the education they need.
Blessings! Beth