Monday, December 1, 2008

So, How is School?

Has the "Holiday Bug" bitten you yet?

Is it hard to focus on the
school work at hand?

How about making your Christmas Plans
these last few weeks before Christmas
Day fit into curriculum?

You could do a history unit on the
time period surrounding the birth
of Christ. This is a time that
we often ignore in our usual Curriculum
Planning. But much happened and it
goes a long way to helping our students
with Apologetics. So often the Bible is
so familiar that we forget that it was a
real time with real problems and people.
Governments that operated well and poorly.
It is neat to figure out why something worked
or didn't. I love getting to know the background
of those who are mentioned in the Bible.
So many little time!

The younger ones could sculpt a Nativity
from clay or Play-Doh.

The olders could do a fine art piece of the
Nativity in pencil or paint.

The music offers much opportunity for learning.
It is a great time to mesh music and community
service by caroling in a Nursing Home or even
around the block!

Have fun with this time of the year. Know that
the regular curriculum may be looking dreary in
comparison to all of the excitement that the
Season brings. Roll with it....get to the Library
and take out books that are stories relating to
Christmas...see I just can't stop.


Becky K.

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Nicole said...

Thank You! I have only been homeschooling a couple of years, as my children are only 5,6 and 7 :) and I tend to forget that I don't have to do the conventional plans (like I did in school). I homeschool and I can change things up to better fit us :) Oh I am excited to do some Christmas stuff :)

I don't know if you know but I have a homeschool blog as well :) Homeschooler for Jesus. Stop by some time and see what we are doing too.