Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Ideas for Schooling During The Holidays

Yesterday I posted about the great Ruby Doll Kit, and how that would be a fun way to do school during the holidays.

I am going to put on my thinking cap and try to get this ball rolling!

Let's see how many we can think of:

1. Read aloud from great Christmas stories! If you find books set in the same time period you are studying history, so much the better! I don't know if you do oral reading during your regular home school routine - we do all our history this way! My kids learn so much from getting involved in someones story! Even if you can't find good Christmas type stories, you could find historical fiction, maybe something you haven't read before and read aloud.

2. Make Christmas cookies for your neighbors. I found a set of Nativity cookie cutters at Berean Bookstore and we are going to make our neighbors cookies that tell the Christmas story. This could count for math and science (measuring and the chemistry of cooking), history, art.

3. Have your children make Christmas cards. Let them write the a verse inside that pertains to Christmas. This will give them practice on copywork, penmanship, art.

4. Divide up basic household chores. This makes your load lighter and can count as Home Ec.

5. Assign your children a writing assignment on what the Christmas season means to them.

6. Have your kids send Christmas cards to missionaries, especially if the missionary family has kids. This will be so encouraging to the missionaries as well as possibly develop a pen pal relationship for your kids.

Your turn to give me ideas!!!!

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