Monday, December 8, 2008

Home Ec

My home needed attention.

In my mind I was formulating a
list of things that needed to be

I wondered...would my kids know
what daily activities should be
done to keep a home? I am sure
that Chelsea would but what about
the boys?

So...this morning's schoolwork became
primarily about the responsibilities
of housekeeping and maintenance.

We made a list.

Each child with their own notebook.

We took a day...from the beginning...
and broke it down into steps that should
be taken daily in every well cared for home.

We moved on to the regular things that, while
not necessary on a daily basis, need to be done
regularly or the home will not function, smell
or look well.

Our list grew to cover nearly two pages.

There were items such as the obvious:
Vacuuming, mopping the weeding
and mowing out of doors.

Soon, I had three helpers folding a completed
load of laundry in front of me.

Imagine their chagrin as I told them how to
"properly" fold a bath towel. Huh????

I guess we need a bit more practice on that

Finally, I wrote three assignments each on
separate slips of paper. I had each of them
pull three. Then complete the tasks assigned.

This was good because while the all have chores,
those things are what they are accustomed to doing.
It has been simple to keep those things as each
child's responsibilities but this morning they
drew tasks that were unfamiliar to them. Fun!

There was an attempt at grumbling...but all three
went above and beyond in carrying out their assigned

Hopefully, they will have a better appreciation
for what it takes to keep a home. Not just the
perspective of those things we ask them to help

Becky K.

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