Tuesday, July 7, 2009

What God Is Teaching Me About Educating My Kids

Why do we parents who are educating our children at home, hold up government schools as the gold standard to be copied? I am speaking about a different thing than following your states requirements. I mean why do we try to copy their way of teaching or their class offerings?

I learned recently that the higher math and sciences that most people struggle with were added to the curriculum in the 50's and 60's when the United States was competing with the then Soviet Union in the space race. Before that they weren't a regular part of the public school curriculum. I am not saying that it is bad for kids to be challenged in education, but just that we need to free ourselves from their pattern and see what works for our own kids and where they are headed.

The most important thing in educating our children is to teach them to love to learn. We do not need to fret over what curriculum to use - we need to seek the Lord for each child and ask Him to show us who each child is and what they need. He created them, He will show you.

You may have a student headed for college, but don't limit them to the government norms. Let them find their niche. You may have students who are not headed for college and this is where you can truly be creative with their education! What are they interested in? What passions do they have? This is your chance to let them take their interests as far as they want!

The most important thing to accomplish during this time is to walk along side them and disciple them in the things of the Lord and encourage them to walk with God themselves.

Freedom is what I found this year after 15 years of homeschooling!


Nicole said...

God shows us so much in what we teach and how we do, if we give it all to Him. I am so encouraged to always hear and read about your homeschooling.

Bee said...

What would you do with a daughter that is asking to do Calculus?

the wild raspberry said...

It is so hard to get out of that public school mentality with all the busy book work and really enjoy learning and letting it take you to unexpected places...
this was a wonderful post.

Together We Save said...

You must be a wonderful teacher and mother.