Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Summer is Here!!!

Learning never stops!

We are gardening, cooking,
should be cleaning...

We are reading, studying God's Word,
preparing for fun Field Trips.

I am tutoring a neighbor boy...so it
looks a lot like the rest of the school
year around here. That is just the way
we like it!

Our evaluations were great.
The kids are moving into a new
stage of life and learning but
it is good for all of us.

Take the time to learn something new
about a long interesting subject this
summer. What might it be for you?

I am learning a new Web Site Program.
Challenging for this brain but I think the
end result for our church web site will be
worth it.

Happy Learning to you and yours~

Becky K. and Family

P.S. I would have put these photos into the
text of the post but my Chelsea just brought
me the best looking blueberry pancakes...I am
going to press publish and eat these instead.
((Smiles)) and ((hugs)) to you.

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