Tuesday, March 24, 2009


So our plans have come to a near stop

The Momma is sick!

However, thanks to a little thing
called a book...school is going on.

All three are tucked in corners reading
away. They had a choice...read or work
on their Research Paper. Funny, how
reading took priority over those papers.

In a little while Mikey will put his
learner's permit to work and drive all
of us to bowling. I will likely either
drive him crazy with my fear or be nearly
passed out from fever. It remains to be

If the Tylenol knocks down the fever I will
be good to go, if not, I may not get out of
the van.

Either way, I win as Mother of the Year for
making sure these angels get to fellowship
with their dearest friends and another gym
day is checked off the schedule...lol.

Understand that everyone else I know has already
had this or been very exposed to it. I am slow
to surrender. I am not exposing innocent people
to these particular germs.


Becky K.

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