Wednesday, March 18, 2009

All About Books!

Our Homeschool Co-op is preparing for
our annual Learning Fair. This happens
when students and parents get together
to feature something they have learned
over the current school year.

This year's theme is....Books!

My 13 year old is busily preparing a display
about a series of books she devoured recently.

They are The Allison Chronicles by Melody Carlson.

She has been working on her display board and
writing a synopsis of the first story, complete
with her own drawings that would be more than
enough to meet the requirements of a ten page
report. Funny thing is she just wrote a ten
page research paper on dogs. The boys are
struggling to write ten pages on their chosen
subjects...and she just whips out two major
projects as if it were nothing.

Such are the differences we have with our
own students.

The boys are working together on a project
for the Learning Fair. It is on a book series
that Mikey has been reading this year. It is
a fictional trilogy about Mars. I am just over
anxious to see what they are coming up with for

Some of the Moms were wishing we could have
tables to show off some of our recommended reading.
Now, that would be fun!

May your homeschool day be filled with peace,
love and joy today!

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GapGirl said...

this sounds so wonderful!! Can't wait to hear and see more about it!!! Good Luck!