Monday, January 12, 2009

We Are Back...

We basically took 3 weeks during Christmas and New Year's away from formal learning.

Today we got back to it.  Math for all, History too.  Right now we are studying Medieval History, pre- Reformation.  It is soooo interesting.  Lindsay and Emily did a writing activity from The Word Artist and Rachel did some copy work.  For Bible we have our family Bible Study, Apologetics in our Sunday School Class, Friday nights at church...the kids are always creating, cooking, playing music so it is a natural part of our day.  They also are always reading...Emily is knitting, Lindsay is working with my Dad's horse to get her to load on our trailer, so that she can be taken for trail rides....

I like our learning to flow out of our family life.  That makes it a natural way to learn and much more applicable to every day life!


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Nicole said...

We are doing Mid Evil times :) The kids are having so much fun! They are going to be hosting a mid evil feast on February 6th :)

We are also doing most everything around Obedience right now :) So today was all about Esther :) They love it!

I love to homeschool and see them growth in knowledge and in the Lord!

God Bless you day!