Friday, January 30, 2009

Teaching Music is fun!

It is!

If you use tools.

I was introduced to some videos
of Victor Borge recently.

Yesterday, at Co-op, I shared some
clips with my 4-6th grade music class.

We are learning about classical music.

I have a master vocabulary list that I
am working from each week. For the term,
Aria, I found a very funny clip of Victor
and a soprano named Marilyn. He is so funny
and she plays along so well. The kids loved
it and it will stick in their heads so much
longer than if I had given a twenty minute
lecture on the Aria...

If you are needing some music inspiration,
I highly recommend this.

You will all laugh!

Note: I did preview and pick and choose.
Nothing he does is horrible...but depending
on the age...some of it is suggestive.

Have an awesome day today and a great weekend!

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