Thursday, September 4, 2008

This Poor Blog...

Sitting here all alone...

I have been ever so neglectful
of it all summer.

Not anymore!

Things are happening...we are
ready to share our fun and excitement.

We began school only to have our first
week be knocked completely full of holes
since all three kids worked a lot.

I know this is part of the process and they
are learning so much at their jobs. I just
need to adjust my expectations of the material
that we were able to get through for ourselves.

This week is somewhat better in quantity of
work we will get done...but Monday was a Holiday!

I was excited yesterday to get to the library and
find the materials I went for! That is cool!

We are studying Rome. It wasn't built in a day,
you know...sorry, couldn't resist.

I found a series of books about what it was like
to live in different time periods. I need to
preview them as they were not in the youth section.

Some very interesting things took place in those
early days and I need to see just how revealing these
books are...but I just know there will be usable
material there and I am beside myself with glee.

We began our year reading a youth fiction called
Time Shift. It was a great literature jumping off
point. Not because the writing was anything fabulous.
Definitely not a classic, but because the story caught
the kids attention and there are lots and lots of
helpful hints about writing in the story...the main
character loves to write...and everything he writes
actually happens...I used this to have the kids do
writing assignments, exercises in story ideas, etc.

It was a fun way to start lit this year.

When we were at the library yesterday, Chelsea
found the next book in the series and insisted that
we do that together next.

Enthusiasm is a very good thing!

Well, happy schooling to you this year.

Come back...


Becky K.

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