Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Mrs. Rabe's Evaluation and just "stuff"

Hey people,

I know there aren't that many who read this
blog...but for those few who pop in here,

Thanks for stopping in.

Mrs. Rabe and family are enjoying their
evaluations today. I am pretty sure they
will not mind the evaluation since we share
the same evaluator and she is a blessing to
all who know her. She is full of encouragement
with a wealth of knowledge and information
gleaned from observing homeschool families
and their various patterns.

The best part for the Rabe family is that once
this is completed and the paperwork is in to the
school district the formalities are complete and
summer learning can be enjoyed. We never stop
learning, you know.

We just classify it for the school district.

I find it sad that so often we have been trained
to think that when summer comes our brains should
go into neutral...heavens NO! Just look at all there
is to see and do.

Yard Sales: Comparison Shopping, addition/subtraction, reading, public interaction, negotiating skills

Yard work: exercise, planning, volunteer opportunities

Our Pets: Discipline, science, recreation

Church: Bible, music, public interaction, opportunities for service, missions (Geography)

Vacation: Geography, history, science, recreation

Summer jobs: Interaction with people, math, organizational skills, discipline

Whatever you do over the summer don't forget to glean the most out of it. Make every moment fun and let it count. Let's not park our brains in neutral this summer.

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