Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Library Visits

We love to go to the Library.

It seems to me each time I go
there are about 100 books to get
excited about.

Chelsea has been learning to use
the computer search feature to find books
that she likes.

Today I picked up The Girl of the Limberlost
for Chelsea to read.
I loved this book as a young girl.
She is a bit resistant as
she wants to pick her own books, however,
I reminded her that I have never picked out
a book or series that she didn't like.

Since Jonathan's reading is "tortured" due
to his dyslexia and eye focusing/tracking
issues we always find as many books on tape
as possible to keep his mind busy and on the
cutting edge. He reads shorter, simpler things
for school but I feel it is important for him
to enjoy literature at his level
so he uses the recordings
for this purpose.

Our most recent problem is finding decent material
that he hasn't heard. He loves to listen to these
as he goes to sleep every night. I always read myself
to sleep at his it is kind of like that.

Interestingly enough, Jonathan is the child who
loves books the most out of all of the kids. He gets
so excited about going to the library and is often
the one asking to go. Chelsea follows at a close second.
Mikey, the athlete, is a reluctant reader. He is capable,
just not interested.

Working with our children's interests is a definite bonus
to homeschooling. I love seeing what makes them tick
and then focusing in on that.

Blessings on your Day!

Becky K.


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