Monday, April 21, 2008

Science and the Christian

We are discussing World Views in our
Sunday School Class.

It is a discussion that is rather like
candy for me. LOVE IT!

Yesterday, we got into the discussion of
how our world view affects our take on science.

It truly is the key.

Poor, Charles Darwin accidentally set off
a whole scientific chain of events by reporting
what he observed in a very small period of time
which overlooked and misread the long term effects
of these observations.

Later he regretted these conclusions, however,
it was too late to go back and get those who
were also starting from a wrong supposition to
change their minds.

We discussed the removal of the only correct
basis for science from the public school system.
It has been surgically amputated! Any reference
to God or Creation has been eliminated from the texts
used today.

Our Pastor is planning to see the Documentary, Expelled,
this week. I am anxious to hear how it handles the Christian
point of view.

The movie is a documentary about
evolution vs. intelligent design.

I will be waiting to hear what he thinks.

I think that I will be writing a series of
posts for this blog about
World View and Science.
Check back.
This is so crucial to our understanding of
our world.

Becky K.

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