Monday, August 1, 2011

Creation Museum, Part Two

You may know that this blog is a shared venture
between Creekside Cottage and Hospitality Lane.
We don't keep up with it as we should but perhaps
now that the school year is upon us we will be

The folks at Creekside Cottage began their
school year today. I can just imagine them
all tucked onto the couch together reading
about history....or at the computer using their
Teaching Textbooks to do a math lesson.

It is our first year without a first day of school.
Chelsea and I will visit a local Bible College tomorrow
to speak with them about classes she may take.

However, I wanted to share more from our time
at the Creation Museum in Kentucky. So much fun....
from creepy crawlies to wonderful flower gardens.
Something for everyone!

If you get a chance to visit this museum
I am fairly certain you will enjoy it.
We found it fascinating!

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Mrs. Mobunny said...

I love the flower pictures!