Thursday, April 14, 2011

Dyslexia is not a Sentence to Life without Books!

A group of ladies from church were out on Tuesday
evening.  We were at a local cafe enjoying great food
and conversation.  As is often the case since three of 
us are actively homeschooling our conversation turned
to things of education.

Kelly, of Cozy Comforts, was describing the way their
youngest is learning to read.  He loves it and she told
us how careful she is to maintain that enjoyment. 
Keeping his lessons short and rewarding his efforts
with related activities which he greatly enjoys.

I was so very happy to hear Kelly say this.
So often, I think, we have the tendency to 
take what is a good thing and stretch it out
too long.  It wears out it's welcome.
I think that just like anything else in life
it is best to leave them wanting more.

This brought to mind my own son,
He is now twenty and sees himself
heading into a life of writing and 
film making.
Jonathan has dyslexia and other
issues with his eyes that make it 
incredibly difficult to read...
in the traditional manner.
However, as we discussed on Tuesday
evening, it does not stop him from 
treasuring books and the library.

Many days find him walking 
  to our local library.
He loves to spend time there perusing
books and books on tape.

You see, I was his living book on tape
throughout his school years.
I read most of his lessons to him.
At his level.
Because his eyes and dyslexia
made reading at his level nearly impossible
for many years.
But his intelligence far exceeded those abilities.
The library was our friend.
We would go through many, many books
in a week.
Books on tape opened up a whole new
world for Jonathan.
One that fed his need for literature beyond
what I had time to read to him.

The result of those long,
and sometimes hard, years?
A young man who decided this week to 
do serious research on filming.
He wants to study lenses and special 
effects in filming.

Where did he go?
The Library, of course.

I listened quietly to his plans.
I think he thought I was disapproving.
However, when he was done decribing
his ideas I just shook my head and 
quietly told him....

"You make me proud!"

And he does.
Not letting the things that are
hardest for him 
stop him from reaching for his

He makes me proud!
And his face lit up when I told him so.

Have you told your children
how proud you are of them...

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