Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Jonathan is Done!

The days of vision therapy,
tutoring, intensive study,
phonics lessons, planned field trips,
and so much more are done.

The evaluation is complete.
180 days are in for this school year.

His book is incomplete...but
he intends to continue writing at that.

So...this week for the first time when
I called for school, only two came.


Next will be just one....


But, you know, I think it will be fun!

Chelsea and I will do just fine!

Becky K.


detweilermom said...

going to just one is a bit of an adjustment but a good one. You will be just fine

Beth said...

Wow!! Does Jonathon want to travel to Indiana and help Jennie with her Sophomore year???? We got off to a rocky start and she is not quite on track as she needs to be!!
Becca is coming along somewhat better but it is not as easy as it was last year. We have had many "baby" distractions this year with my babysitting the grandchildren!!! However, they are BOTH learning how to be wonderful mommies so THAT is education (the BEST) in itself! (But it doesn't help get them into college....)

Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

Congratulations to Jonathan on completing this step, and to you too, for all your work at homeschooling!