Saturday, April 4, 2009

In the Home Stretch

We are getting so close to wrapping up another
school year. Chelsea is tracking our days. We
have something less than thirty to complete to
meet our State requirements.

Many of our friends who start their school
year earlier are just about done.

This is the time of the year
that I find bittersweet.

I want to enjoy days to do whatever strikes
my fancy...I see those windows that need to
be washed and the sorting and organizing that
languishes while we do our math and history.

I also think about all of the subject matter that
I still want to cover and hope for the time to
get it all done.

So, I am totally conflicted as we head into this
time of the year.

Making it even more poignant this year is that
we are in our boys junior year. Next year will
be the last opportunity I will have to give them
formal training. What more do they need to go
out into the world? What am I missing?

These thoughts roll around in my head sometimes
to torture and other times inspiring me to stay
the course.

The most important thing to remember as we wrap
up the formal school year is that
the learning doesn't stop just because we no longer
need to document days. It is an ongoing and very
fulfilling process.

We should be able to continue our learning process
no matter what time of the year or what stage of
life we are in.

As an adult I have learned so much about life, how
to do new things and skills with which I earn money
or help others. These are the things that I want
our kids to know.

Learning is life long.

The switch on the brain does not turn off for summer
or immediately after graduation.

The process continues!

Happy Teaching...
and learning...
to you!

Becky K.


gina said...

Quick question... do you just record days- our state is 180 days/900 hours requirement or do you mark hours? I have been doing hours- but an insane amount of hours gets logged. You have to figure out of 900 hours IN a public school how many do they spend actually doing productive things, right? Just curious how someone else records.

Linda said...

I'm amazed at the number of people who homeschool across the country. God bless. Linda

kari said...

This is so sweet. I feel the same way right now; wanting to deep clean the house and cleanse it of the past school year while at the same time still feeling the drive to school. I gave it up this week, though. We've been playing and working on other projects.