Wednesday, August 6, 2008

It won't be long!

We are about to begin a new school year.

This is headed into being our most exciting
and purposeful year yet.

Both boys are actually working toward life
career goals and we are able to make that
a major focus this year. Kind of like our
own Vo-Tech, if you like.

Jonathan is already hard at work learning
a 3-d animation program and has another one
just waiting for him. He has plans to shadow
the art department of a large local theatre.
We just need to set a date.

Mikey is excited to jump into his horticulture
studies with the goal of interning at Longwood
Gardens. He prefers to end up in their two year
program but will have to see if he would do better
to start with the summer high school internship next
summer. Grandma Ruth is very excited to help him
with his garden design and learning on this subject.
They share this passion.

Grandma Ruth is also excited to work with Jonathan
to get him prepared to pass his driver's permit test.

What does that leave me?


You know, all of the basics, fun with Chelsea,
and tons to do at Co-op.

How is your year shaping up?

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